Friday, July 31, 2009

A Moving Experience

Moving is one of those universally unpleasant human chores
that any human with any wits about him (or her) abhors.

As if moving in weren't bad enough, you spend the next five years
moving things around and about;
and then, when you've finally got them the way you want them
— or, at least, the way you think you want them —
it's time for moving out.

When you're living someplace, you can collect all kinds of doodads
and thingamajigs,
and odds and ends you don't really need,
because it seems there's no end to stacking them;
then, all of a sudden, you run out of room
just when the time comes for packing them.

The quality of life at home, I'm certain, would dramatically improve
if you didn't have to drop everything you're doing
and stop everything you've started every five years,
in order to move.

Because while it's true that being born in a house
and spending the best years of your life there
is nice,
I'm thinking that being born in a house,
spending a lifetime there,
and dying there
would be paradise.

— Ender

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