Monday, November 21, 2005

The Mortal Majority

Humans and power just do not mix.
There's something about authority
that changes the psychic chemistry
of the hominid majority.

Wrong is wrong and right is right
— deceit demands its toll.
Though, truth is more than often gray
to the person in control.

We're quick to pass judgment and quick to scorn,
and quick to dispense advice.
But responsibility's a drag
when it's time to pay the price.

We rally 'round a cause celebre
— the taste of success is sweet.
Yet, the price of failure is placing blame
at somebody else's feet.

Ah, but you and I are different,
astride our moral horse.
Just who's responsible for this mess?
Well, somebody else, of course.

Mortality's armor binds the soul.
Humility holds the key.
The day the sinners elect a saint
is the day we will all be free.

— Ender

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