Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Funeral

We buried Auntie Em today
— just dug a hole and, with a sigh,
we gently lowered her away,
and covered her and said goodbye.
And, well, of course, she wasn't pleased
— she put up quite a fight, you know.
But, oh! the way she coughed and wheezed
— she soon enough was bound to go;
We simply thought we'd lend a hand.
Someday, we hope, she'll understand.

It wasn't such a large affair
(we knew she wouldn't like a crowd).
But all the family were there;
and that, of course, would make her proud.
We bade farewell, we toodleooed
and doffed our caps and said a prayer.
We spent our day in solitude
— so wishing Auntie Em were there.
Then, rapt in sorrow, hushed and still

... we hurried off to read the will!

— Ender

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